New Year and New Challenges

As we look forward to 2015, what new challenges will you be undertaking? Running a 5K or a Marathon? A sprint Tri, half ironman or a full distance Ironman? The point is to challenge yourself. Quite often the reward is not necessarily completing the challenge – but it is the journey on way to the challenge that makes us stronger and wiser.

I’ll be kicking off the year with a rather strange / crazy challenge on January 11th – the Knights of Sufferlandria Challenge. The challenge consists of riding ten one hour Sufferfest workout videos – back to back. So ten hours + of indoor riding with 20 other crazy folks at the Cycle Studio in Carmel. We are going for a world record for number of people attempting the Knights of Sufferlandria at one time. It should be noted that some people can’t stand riding their bike inside on a trainer at all, others can stick it out for a hour or two…this is ten hours. We do get a limited break between each workout (you have to hit the restroom some time..).

The cool thing about this challenge is that we are raising money for Tatum’s bags of fun. Tatum’s charity donates backpacks filled with activities, games and toys to every child diagnosed with cancer in Indiana. This has a huge impact on those children. Click her if would like to donate / sponsor my riding during this challenge, I appreciate it and so will the kids!

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