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50th Annual Muncie Ten – 12/10/16 Results

Upcoming Races / Runs

Muncie Ten – 51st Annual. 12/9/17 Flyer

New Run Coaching packages

New coaching packages, now available at New packages are event/ race based. We have packages covering 5K to Marathon. If you interested or just have questions, let me know –

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Muncie Ten – December 9, 2017

51st Annual Muncie Ten will be Saturday, December 9th. Same location = Mitchell School.  We believe the school will be open for restrooms. This could be subject to change. Race Director, Primmer, no heat or minimal heat in building. Dress for the weather. Snow expected with West Wind of 19. Flyer

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Muncie Ten – December 10, 2016

50th annual Muncie Ten will be December 10th, 8 a.m. at Mitchell school. Come out and run the race celebrate 50 years!

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2016 Goals

Do you have running goals you are looking to accomplish for 2016 or even 2017? We have coaching available to help you meet those goals. Whether you are working to complete your first 5K or set a Marathon PR, we can help. Go to Run Coaching on America Mutlisport for run coaching options. If you have questions on how it works, send us a email.

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Upcoming runs

The temperatures may be getting colder, but there are still plenty of chances to get out and run at several events in Muncie and surrounding areas.

Cardinal Greenway will be hosting its Thanksgiving day run on Thanksgiving of course! Henry County YMCA and America MultiSport will also be hosting a Thanksgiving run on Thanksgiving morning – so two choices to get out and burn some calories off.

The Muncie 10 this year will be on December 5th. Same location, Mitchell School, Muncie IN.

America Multipart is hosting a ugly sweater run on December 19th at Tuhey Pool.

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10 years of ups and downs, Brandon Hudgins breaks 4 minutes for a mile at Sir Walter Miler

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You hear about folks breaking four minutes for a mile and people tend to forget how hard it is. How much effort, time and sometimes years of training AND sometimes it remains elusive. Brandon Hudgins broke four minutes at the recent Sir Walter Miler. Somewhat emotional in the video, Brandon outlines the ups and downs and trials and tribulations he went through over 10 years to get to this point. This included quitting three times. Sometimes dreams do come true!

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Boston 2015

Congratulations to Muncie area residents who finished the Boston Marathon, Joseph Hamilton, Lauren Shirey and Chris Day. A shout-out to Dr. David Grasso that participated but was unable to finish, we know it was a tough day for him.

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New Year and New Challenges

As we look forward to 2015, what new challenges will you be undertaking? Running a 5K or a Marathon? A sprint Tri, half ironman or a full distance Ironman? The point is to challenge yourself. Quite often the reward is not necessarily completing the challenge – but it is the journey on way to the challenge that makes us stronger and wiser.

I’ll be kicking off the year with a rather strange / crazy challenge on January 11th – the Knights of Sufferlandria Challenge. The challenge consists of riding ten one hour Sufferfest workout videos – back to back. So ten hours + of indoor riding with 20 other crazy folks at the Cycle Studio in Carmel. We are going for a world record for number of people attempting the Knights of Sufferlandria at one time. It should be noted that some people can’t stand riding their bike inside on a trainer at all, others can stick it out for a hour or two…this is ten hours. We do get a limited break between each workout (you have to hit the restroom some time..).

The cool thing about this challenge is that we are raising money for Tatum’s bags of fun. Tatum’s charity donates backpacks filled with activities, games and toys to every child diagnosed with cancer in Indiana. This has a huge impact on those children. Click her if would like to donate / sponsor my riding during this challenge, I appreciate it and so will the kids!

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End of year races: 2014 edition

Still looking to get a race or two in before 2014 closes out? Muncie has several races to pick from starting with the Red Tail Run/Hike on November 8th. Thanksgiving day brings the
usual turkey trots including the Henry County YMCA trot that is now chip timed. All the better to get in a fast time before turkey eating time.

December brings two races on Saturday Dec. 6th. The Red Nose Run at Whitetail Tree Farm just south of Muncie in Springport. Also on December 6th is the Muncie Ten. This is the 48th Annual edition.

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Boston 2014

Congratulations to all Muncie area finishers of the 2014 Boston Marathon.
Special recognition to Sophie for breaking three hours on a tough Boston course.

Liu, Ziuang (Sophie) 2:57:41
Suer, Michael 3:11:44
Pierce, R. Jerry 3:37:34
Lee, Gary, 4:21:05
Berger, Lauren, 5:22:47

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Safety when running

We read the news today of a runner in Virginia who was struck and killed by a vehicle on Monday 1/13/2014. From all accounts she was running against traffic and running in a 2 ft. wide shoulder. The driver of the vehicle has been arrested for DUI and Manslaughter.

The runner, Meg Cross Menzies, A Boston 2014 qualifier with a 3:05 2012 Philadelphia Marathon time, she was in training for this spring’s Boston.

A facebook event for this Saturday has been organized to dedicate your run – short or long to honor Meg and raise awareness for the overall safety of runners and cyclists.

I will be dedicating my long run on Saturday to to Meg’s Miles. Here is the quote from the facebook site—

—This Saturday, January 18, 2014, no matter what your distance, no matter where you live, run for Meg. Take in the fresh air, be aware of your surroundings, keep your headphones on low, feel the heaviness in your lungs, the soreness in your legs, and be grateful for it–for all of it. The sweat, the pain, the wind, the cold…everything. Be grateful for that moment.—-

Always remember to be aware of your surroundings when you are running or riding. Leave the headphones at home and enjoy the outdoors and wear bright / reflective clothing.

I am pretty well known for wearing bright clothing and doing whatever I can to be seen by other users of the road or trail I am running or riding on. Got a choice between wearing dark clothing or something bright for your next run or ride – go bright!

Do your run Saturday (1/18/14) and when you get to the point that you always reach – do I ease or do I push through – think of those like Meg or others in life that can’t run…and push through to reach your goals.


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